Post Office Fixed Deposit Interest Rate

Indian Post Office is offering various types of Fixed Deposit options to its customers. Post Office FD rates are one of the best rate in the market. Post Office term deposit gives you option to invest your saving from 1 year to 5 years. You can book your fixed deposit online through Net Banking  or you can also visit your nearby branch. Post Office Fixed Deposit Interest Rate start from minimum 5.5 % and maximum 5.7 %.

Post Office Fixed Deposit Scheme

Postal FD Rates- Domestic/NRO

Tenure Deposit Rate Deposit Rate Senior Citizen
7 Days to 1 Year 5.5 % 5.5 %
1 Year 1 Day to 2 Years 5.5% 5.5 %
2 Years 1 Day to 3 Years 5.5% 5.5 %
3 Years 1 Day to 5 Years 5.7% 5.7 %

Post Office Fixed Deposit Features 

1  Post Office is offering fixed deposit from 7 days to 5 Years.

Post Office Fixed Deposit Interest Rate start from minimum 5.5% per annum  and maximum 5.70% per annum.

3  Senior citizen will get 0.5 % extra on fixed deposit.

4  Depositor can also  avail nomination facility in Post Office FD.

Postal FD also gives auto renewal option in fixed deposit.

6  Pre mature closure/withdrawal is not allowed before 6 months from the date of booking .

7 If  Postal Term Deposit account closed after 6 month but before 1 year, PO Savings Account Interest rate will be applicable.

7  TDS is deducted when interest payable or reinvested on Fixed Deposit per customer across all branches, exceeds Rs.40,000/- (Rs. 50,000/- for senior citizens) in a financial year.

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Post Office FD Rates for Senior Citizens

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates for senior citizens in post office is 7.4 %under Senior Citizen Savings Scheme.
 Minimum deposit shall be Rs. 1000 and in multiple of 1000, subject to maximum limit up to Rs. 15 lakh in all SCSS accounts opened by an individual.
Premature Closure of Senior Citizen FD
(i) Senior Citizen Account can be prematurely closed any time after date of opening.
(ii) If account closed before 1 year, no interest will be paid and if any interest paid in account shall be recovered from principle.
(iii) If account closed after 1 year but before 2 year from the date of opening, an amount equal to 1.5 % will be deducted from principal amount.
(iv) If account closed after 2 year but before 5 year from the date of opening, an amount equal to 1 % will be deducted from principal amount.

Post Office NRE FD Rates

NRE fixed deposit rates are available for Non Resident Indian or citizen of Indian origin . NRE FD is booked for minimum 1 year. No interest is paid if the NRE Deposit is withdrawn before 1 year.

There is no penalty on pre mature closure of NRE Fixed Deposit.

Post Office Tax Saving FD

Post Offices offers Tax Saver FD for resident individuals and HUF.

Minimum amount is INR 1000 and in multiples of INR 1000 and Maximum amount is Rs. 1.5 Lakh in a financial Year.

 Tax Saving FD is book for  5 year (lock in)

This FD can be booked with Monthly or quarterly payout.

In case of joint holder deposit account tax benefit is given to first holder  of the account under 80C.

Post Office FD Online

You can also book your fixed deposit online. One needs to log in his or her Indian Post net banking and go to fixed deposit section  for online Post Office Fixed  Deposit.

Post Office Interest Rate Today

We have given latest FD information above. To know the latest Post Office Interest Rate, You can also visit the Postal website.

Post Office FD Calculator

You can calculate Post Office fixed deposit rates in Post Office Time deposit calculator through Online.

Post Office Saving Account Interest Rate 

Post Office is giving 4% per annum on saving account . Any individual above 10 Years with KYC document can open a saving account in Post Office.

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